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Staff Report | Photos courtesy of George Dombek Studio & Gallery

A New Exhibit: George Dombek's fall open studio

Over the last 26 years, for a few weekends in the fall, George Dombek has opened his studio in Goshen to allow the public to view his most recent works of art, explore the beautiful grounds and gardens he has created, and meet the artist himself. This fall Dombek will open his studio on every Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 21-22 through Nov. 11-12. Guests to this fall’s open studio will be treated to a special first look at Dombek’s new paintings.


Dombek is an Arkansas native and nationally recognized painter best known for his large-scale watercolor paintings of barns, trees with butterflies and birds, bicycles, flowers, and stones. In addition to his watercolor paintings, during open studio he will also feature his metal sculptures, which can be seen on the grounds, and some acrylic on canvas paintings never exhibited. 

Last year, Dombek offered visitors an opportunity to experience a fully restored, vintage hay barn built in 1890 that serves as a “satellite” gallery — the manifestation of his lifelong study of barns. The restored barn sits on what was the 160-acre Lee Parker family farm. Following 10 years of meticulous restoration, the light-filled former hay barn provides additional gallery space and a tranquil setting for reflection surrounded by pastoral beauty. Visitors to the open studio may sign in for a tour of the barn gallery.

Visits to Dombek’s gallery and working studio are by appointment only except during his open studio weekends. George Dombek Studio & Gallery is located at 844 Blue Springs Road in Goshen.

2765 30x40.jpg

Washington County Barn and Flag, 2023, Watercolor, 40” x 30”

2756 16x16.jpg

Frond, 2023, Watercolor, 16” x 16”

2751 51x40 .jpg

Sticking Around, 2023, Watercolor, 40” x 51”

2763 16x16.jpg

Rooster and Hen, 2023, Watercolor, 16” x 16”

2762 60x60.jpg

Forty-Eight Butterflies, 2023,
Watercolor, 60” x 60”

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