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Profile: Molly Rawn

Experience Fayetteville: Where Tourism and Community Meet


Fayetteville, while not the true geographical center of Northwest Arkansas, has served as the epicenter of the region. The first to have a revitalized downtown square, a farmers market and holiday lighting attractions, the city has long realized the importance of making the area equally attractive to tourists and residents alike. Experience Fayetteville is the destination marketing organization for the city. It is governed by the Advertising and Promotion Commission, which has operated in Fayetteville since the early ‘90s.


Arts & Culture: Opera in the Ozarks Kicks Off 2023 Summer Season


Opera in the Ozarks, the summer music festival and opera training program based in Eureka Springs, kicks off its 2023 summer season this month with dozens of exciting opera productions and special musical events across the region.


The season, “Farm Fresh Opera,” begins on June 23 and continues through July 21 at Opera in the Ozarks’ mountainside venue Inspiration Point, located on U.S. Hwy. 62, five miles west of Eureka Springs.



Community: A Summer of Music in Northwest Arkansas


Welcome the magic of fireflies and a summer season of music-filled evenings in Northwest Arkansas! Family nights with the kids or date nights with your honey are made sweeter by the many concerts and friendly gatherings offered throughout the region. 


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Health: New ACL Surgical Technique Showing Early Benefits to Patients

Although tears to the knee’s anterior cruciate ligament seem to be most prevalent in amateur and professional athletes, it is actually one of the most frequently suffered knee injuries in America, reaching upward of 400,000 occurrences each year.


ACL tears mostly occur in sports that involve extensive turning, twisting, jumping or sudden changes in direction, such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis and gymnastics. But it is also a common injury for leisure sports enthusiasts as well as those performing other basic physical activities.


Outdoor Living: Thrill of the Grill

The Perfect Scene for Outdoor Celebrations

After a winter that proved to be particularly damaging to gardens throughout Northwest Arkansas, all of us at CitiScapes Magazine were especially eager to celebrate a new, warmer season with our annual Thrill of the Grill feature. As usual it was a lovely, alfresco gathering where we enjoyed the culinary delights of local chef Case Dighero. This year’s setting was the fantastic front porch of a pool and guest house belonging to generous clients with whom I have had the pleasure of working over the past two years. Complete with a wood-burning fireplace and an outdoor kitchen that a chef’s dreams are made of, it was the perfect place to enjoy Thrill of the Grill’s combination of fine outdoor living and grilling!

Eats & Drinks: Thrill of the Grill

Our favorite grilling recipes are often easier than you think. We’ve loaded the bases for this year’s Thrill of the Grill feature with something for everyone — Southern seafood skewers, vegetarian ideas, an epic Hawaiian dish, grilled bread and the essential smash burger recipe. Simple ideas that work brilliantly for your next open-air cocktail party, or even as a weeknight dinner with the family. Read on for some of our favorite quick and easy recipe options for your grilling pleasure. 


Outdoor Living: Pool House Turned Poolside Cottage

In March 2020, a Fayetteville family decided to tear down their old pool house and rebuild. “The old pool house didn’t serve a purpose,” the homeowner said. “Its spaces weren’t really usable. With our family all at home during COVID, we were able to discuss what a usable space would look like and develop a plan for moving forward.”

As soon as the old structure was removed, they began the building process. “We had plans drawn up, but we altered them several times along the way as we discussed exactly what we wanted,” the homeowner said. “The ultimate plan was to have bathroom access from the pool, a place for our kids to hang out with their friends, but then we were also planning for down the line and a place for our potential future grandkids to hang out.”


Living Spaces: Modern Mediterranean

A local architect and builder team up to create a home built with European quality and unique features


For architect Lauri Matisse, some projects are dream projects — the clients are amazing, the builder constructs a first-class home and she gets to create a design she loves. This was the case with the modern Mediterranean house she designed in Fayetteville.


The owners had been through five other architects and none of them understood what they wanted. Matisse did

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