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Subscribe now for the digital edition for just $1 a year. Annual subscriptions for printed copies including the digital access available for $20 a year. More details below.  


Stay informed and don’t miss an issue with a fully digital version of CitiScapes Magazine in addition to the print publication. Take advantage of our digital issue for only $1.00 for an online subscription! With this, you’ll be able to view the magazine ahead of the printed version and have access to the 12 previous issues.

To subscribe, just click the box above! You’ll have the opportunity to choose the digital subscription for $1/year OR the physical copy (that also includes the digital version) delivered for $20/year.


The physical copies are shipped via U.S. mail directly from the printer each month.

Questions? Check out the FAQ section below or email

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: The subscription is one dollar ($1), is that per month or for a year?
A: The fee is $1 for 12 months of digital access. If you also want a printed copy of the magazine delivered, subscribe to the $20 option and you'll receive both.
Q: Billing: Will my credit card be automatically renewed?
A: No, we do not auto-renew your subscription. That would require us to retain your credit card information, and we don't do that. Don't worry, you'll receive a reminder email when it's time to renew.
Q: CitiScapes is a free magazine, what is the fee for?
A: You are correct! Printed copies are available to pick up, for free, at various delivery locations throughout Northwest Arkansas. The minimal $1 fee for an annual digital subscription is so that we know you're not a robot, that you're a real person who wants to check out the issue online – and you get your very own login credentials.
Q:  I already have a print subscription, do I have to subscribe again to get the online issue?
A:  No, your account was enabled this week to access the digital version of the magazine.  You just need to
login with your email and password.
Q:  I don't know my password?  What do I do?
A:  No problem, you can reset it right now! The passwords are encrypted, so we can't look it up. But, you can reset or change your password whenever you want – just click on this link:
Q: Why is a digital version of the magazine available sooner than ?
A: Once the issue is ready for print, it's basically ready for digital viewing. There is still a small amount of prep work that needs to be done, such as enabling the URLs that you see throughout the issue, but that's a faster process than having it printed and delivered.
Q:  I attempted to look at an older issue and was asked for a username and password. What do I do?
A:  Access to historical issues is granted with your digital subscription. Just enter your username and password and access will be granted!
Q:  I don't see a logout button, how do I logout?
A:  No worries, we take care of that – you are automatically logged out when you close the browser.
FAQ Updates: We'll continue to make changes to this section for clarity and add more questions and answers as we learn about them.
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