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There’s something wonderfully satisfying about enjoying the perfect meal at an American bistro – that moment of exhilaration in finding traditional French technique interspersed with ingredients and heritage from a given locale in the U.S. The High South region certainly has its share of dynamic chefs leaving indelible culinary impressions on the restaurant scene, and I’m always inspired when something new and unexpected graces our already robust landscape. 

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When looking for design and decorating inspiration, homeowners today have a world of resources easily available – from Pinterest to Houzz, from a professional’s input to a walk through a friend’s home, there are myriad options to absorb. For Bentonville homeowners Zuzana Koharyova and her husband, Harsh Kalsi, however, it was family life combined with global experiences that primarily solidified their unique perspective for their home’s design, décor and furnishings, as well as its location.

By Hudson Photgraphy Dr. Morriss and Ann

Married for 55 years, Ann and Dr. Morriss Henry have accomplished much as a couple and as individuals. Ann says, “There’s a pattern in life, it seems to come in multiples of seven. You either fall into the cracks when those times come, or you make it on through.” They have been strong enough to make it past the cracks. Before they became a force together, they worked hard to become strong on their own. 

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