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Fun Festivals for the Whole Family



A Home Away from Home at the Hospital



All Roads Lead to Cane Hill




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Famished. We roll into Rein Sushi & Hibachi draped in summer Arkansas heat, but we are relaxed and chilled immediately by the sight of a busy display kitchen churning out vibrantly colored platters of ultra-fresh sushi and sashimi, unmistakable sounds of sizzling hibachi, and the ethereal fragrances of fresh ginger and sesame. Yes, famished and reeling after an afternoon at a bustling street festival in downtown Springdale but calmed and reinvigorated by the excitement of a new restaurant.


In Alex and Kandace Baldwin’s sunroom, there is a prominently displayed sign that reads, “Make yourself at home.” That is their mantra for guests.

“Every time we have a new friend over,” Alex said, “I always ask them, ‘Hey do you know what our number one rule is?’ They look at me like I’m about to be mean. I say, ‘It’s to make yourself at home! We want you to feel welcome. If you want something out of the fridge, you’re welcome to go get it. If you want something to eat, make it. We want you to feel comfortable.’”

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Joe Lloyd was born in Fort Smith, but he spent much of his youth moving around to places such as Richardson, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. Eventually his family settled in Alma, Arkansas, where his father wanted to return for his last working years with Rheem. Joe describes his father, who he lost in 2022, as an authentic and present father. And he says of his mother, “She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman. She was all love while my dad was all truth. It taught me a little of both is a good thing.”

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