2022 Fayetteville Roots Festival

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My Fair Lady Exudes Girl Power

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Arts & Culture

Theatre Squared 2022-2023 Season Preview





The vibe at 52 Kilo in the Pinnacle Hills area of Rogers echoes that of the food — sexy, laid back and ultra-dynamic while avoiding pretentiousness. As the sun sets, the music increases slightly in volume and the atmosphere transforms into something akin to ambient swagger propelled by sharp mezcal, a solid wine list and the ethereal kiss of wagyu.

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Sumer Brandon has seen a lot of houses in her 20 years in real estate.


After graduating from undergrad, Sumer moved back to her hometown of Dallas to get her master’s degree. Sumer’s grandmother advised her to get her real estate license to make a little money while she was in school. With her first house sale, Sumer was hooked.


“You can’t imagine the joy that John L Colbert created for us at Bates Elementary,” said Jason Smith, director of executive administration, classical music and special initiatives at Walton Arts Center. Now 50, Smith attended the Fayetteville school where, as a fourth, fifth and sixth grader, he learned mathematics from Colbert.

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