​​The House that Pinterest Built

By Nancy Peevy

Photos by Beth Hall    

Michelle Eisa jokes that her home is the house that Pinterest built. 


She didn’t work with a designer, but rather compiled photos from Pinterest and used those for her inspiration instead.


According to Michelle, it is an understatement to say she has been a little obsessed with home design and décor for the last 20 years.


“I used to tear out photos and dog ear pages of home magazines… and I still do. But when Pinterest came along, that took me to a whole other level. Pinterest is such a rabbit hole that I can’t tell you how I found certain boards; I just kept clicking and pinning away!” she says. 


Seventeen years ago, Michelle and her husband, Ash, bought a home in Highland Knolls in Rogers – where they raised sons, Adam, now 19 and a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, and Zach, who is 17 and a senior at Haas Hall Academy in Bentonville. 


As the boys grew, the area around Highland Knolls became more congested, and the family decided to move farther out and build their own home. They were looking at options when Michelle ran into friends who were building a home in Bentonville’s Scissortail subdivision with David Harris. Based on their friends’ experience, the Eisas decided to go with Harris Construction and build in Scissortail. The subdivision fit their criteria of being away from congestion, yet the location was convenient due to the soon-to-be-completed extension of Pleasant Grove Road to Arkansas Highway 112. 


Harris found them a corner lot, which they needed for the layout of their house. The 3,500-square-foot home is based on a Southern Living floor plan. Michelle and Ash loved the front elevation with the wrap around porch. “It was something different, fun, timeless and classic,” she says.

Michelle gave all the photos and inspiration she’d collected over the years to Harris – who guided the process and made her home dreams a reality. “David and his crew have been so good to work with, and their guidance was key in how everything came together.”


Michelle had read that a good way to make interior design decisions is to create a Pinterest board for each room, then find a commonality in the pictures and use those key elements when designing or decorating.


“Many of my photos included white walls, black windows, wood floors and neutral furnishings. So, simple, clean, classic and timeless became our criteria. If Ash and I were making a decision about the house, we’d ask, ‘Is it simple? Is it timeless? Is it classic?’ and if it met those guidelines, it made the cut,” Michelle says. “We didn’t want to have to revisit this in five years, so we tried to stay away from trends.”


That timeless and simple theme is evident in the family’s choice of large windows trimmed in black on the outside of the house. The windows also fill the house with light. “I love natural light. I love the brightness of it. I love bringing the outdoors in,” Michelle says. “Being in a bright house peps you up for the day.”


She is also pleased with the way the black railing at the front of the home guides guests to the front door. “We have a lot of doors in front, so we wanted to finish it off with the railing so you have a clear view of the front door, as opposed to wondering which door to go in.” 


The railing also finishes off the side porch, which feels like its own room with cozy seating, a fireplace and covered TV. The couple enjoys sitting on the porch, drinking tea in the morning, eating dinner at night and watching the neighborhood go by. “We liked to do what we called ‘driveway sitting’ at our old house. Instead of sitting in the backyard where there’s nothing happening, we like to sit out front and watch neighbors go by and wave.”


Michelle’s favorite spots inside the home are the large, open kitchen/living area where family and friends can gather, as well as her workspace nook just off the kitchen.


The Eisas paid special attention to the smallest details of their home, including the “H” and “C” on faucet handles, open shelving in the kitchen, brass and glass doorknobs for the pantry, and the curved “cat slip” on the edge of the front roof line. “Some are subtle, but they make a big impact,” Michelle says.


One slight risk Michelle took was mixing metals in the home. All sink fixtures are chrome, except for polished nickel in the guest bath. The master bath and kitchen island lights are brass and the rest of the light fixtures are black iron. Interior knobs and hinges are black, while the exterior doors have brass knobs. The cabinet knobs are French antique brass, which tie it all together. “I did a lot of research on how to mix metals. Hopefully I followed it correctly! I was very nervous, but I’m pretty happy with it,” she says. 


“I feel like we really analyzed and put a lot of thought into all our decisions,” Michelle says. “But I don’t feel like I can take credit for the house, because it was the result of many different Pinterest curations, design blogs and people who helped along the way. I give a lot of the credit to the people who shared their expertise for people like me.”



Builder:  David Harris

Architect:  Kevin Canada

Appliances:  Metro Appliances & More

Stone:  Schwartz Stone Company

Cabinets:  Jim's Quality Cabinets

Flooring:  Carpet One

Doors & Windows:  Meeks Lumber & Hardware

Garage Doors:  A2Z Garage Doors

Showers & Mirrors:  Bentonville Glass

Countertops:  New Century Countertops

Tile:  Townzen Tile

Tile Labor:  Accuracy Tile

Landscaping:  Holmes Landscaping

Lighting:  Lighting Emporium | Wayfair

Painting:  Johannesen Painting

Plumbing Fixtures:  Ferguson Plumbing Supply

Plumber:  McReynolds Plumbing

Roofing:  Foster’s Roofing

Stairs:  Up & Down Industries (UDI)

Fence & Porch Railing:  McCutcheon Custom Ironworks

Cabinet & Door Knobs:  Hearth & Home



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