By Nancy Peevy | Photos by Chadwick Turner

All in the Family

These empty nesters gladly turned their remodel over to Aesthetic State, which happens to be owned by their daughters-in-law
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According to Rich and Tami Allensworth, when your daughters-in-laws have a design business and want to remodel your house, you say yes!


Two of their sons’ wives, Christyna Allensworth and Alex Evans, own Aesthetic State, which has a unique approach to design. “Instead of calling what we do interior design, we call it ‘home personalization’ because everyone has a story that needs to be told in their home,” Christyna said. “We incorporate our feeling of modern organic into each one and personalize it from there. Across our body of work, you can see each one feels like the person that lives there.”


Christyna has degrees in advertising and public relations, but she worked in design after she and her husband moved to San Diego. Wanting to be closer to family, they moved back to Northwest Arkansas. “Right before I left, the designer I worked for told me not to go to work for someone else; she said, go work for yourself,” Christyna said.

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Christyna confided that to sister-in-law Alex, who promptly offered to go into business with her. Alex had used her industrial engineering degree in the corporate world, but at that time was a stay-at-home mom with two boys.


After four years in business together, the pair said their partnership couldn’t be better. “Me and Alex are like yin and yang,” Christyna said. “Everything she’s good at, I’m bad at. I don’t think I could have done it without her.”


“We balance each other well and it’s really been fun,” Alex said in agreement.


Offering everything from remodels to soft furnishings to projects as small as shelf styling, they favor modern organic with transitional elements. “When it comes to hardscapes, we focus on something that will stand the test of time, that you’re going to love 10 years down the road; with furnishings we’ll take a little more risk with trendy items,” Alex said.

Keeping the vibe crisp and clean, “We always do white everywhere, except for special rooms like a teen’s bedroom,” Alex said.


“And neutral,” Christyna added. “Whenever we bring in color, it tends to be dark and moody, but still in this neutral vein. Any colors we use tend to be green or blue, the colors of nature. That makes it timeless. With nature, you never go out of style.”


The partners’ first project several years ago was Tami’s teen daughter’s bedroom. “We look back at Sydney’s bedroom, and our style has evolved,” Christyna said. “It’s a little more refined. It still has the natural elements, but now it’s more crisp and clean, and we know what we want our brand to be.”


From redoing Sydney’s bedroom to now remodeling the Allensworths’ house, the pair feels like they’ve come full circle.

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The Allensworths, now empty nesters, bought their 3,950-square-foot house in Cave Springs eight years ago. After several years in the house, they thought about moving, but Rich wasn’t keen on that idea. Christyna and Alex encouraged the couple to let them remodel the house.


Tami stressed that Christyna and Alex treated her and Rich like any other clients and put together a full presentation on what their business could offer. “It was very well thought out, well executed,” she said.


The work began in June 2020 with the couple moving out for three months. The living areas were gutted; the cabinets, island, flooring and back wall were removed and replaced. Everyone credits contractor Greg Gosnell for making the construction process smooth and quick.


Tami’s goal with the remodel was to make her house “fresh and modern” and to expand the kitchen island to include seating for the entire extended family, including two grandchildren. She also wanted to add light to the house, accomplished by replacing the front door with glass doors and replacing the back wall with a 14-foot sliding glass door that opens up to allow easy access to the back patio and pool, and fresh air on nice days.


“At the end of the day, I wanted a place you love coming home to and being comfortable in,” Tami said, noting the sectional sofa that is large enough to comfortably seat the whole family.


Working on their in-laws’ house was special for Christyna and Alex. “It was really cool for us because normally when we work on a design project, we don’t know the person,” Christyna said. “Bringing Tami’s personality to life in her space was really fun because we know her personality, what she likes to do, how she dresses, so that was cool. For this home it was about the family gathering together. We wanted to bring in a transitional vibe that has glam accents that feel like Tami and Sydney. They’ve done pageants, and they have this amazing girly-ness about them that we love, so the balance was combining that vibe with modern organic.”


The duo brought in modern organic elements through the quartz in the countertops and the stained, wood-grained cabinetry and flooring, which brings in warmer neutral tones, Alex said. The black linen-wrapped coffee table added texture and also brings in the organic feel.


Tami’s favorite part of the house is her office remodel. Originally Sydney’s pageant room, Tami now has a dedicated spot when she works from home as senior vice president of customer experience at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. “I get so many compliments when I’m on (Microsoft) Teams and they ask me to turn my camera around so they can see,” Tami said.


Rich and Tami totally trusted Alex and Christyna with the house project, realizing they were the experts. They couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “You know you got it right when you wouldn’t change a single thing,” Tami said.

Home Pros Used:

Cabinets: Rollerz Kustom Woodworks


Contractor: Gosnell Remodeling & Construction


Décor/Furnishings/Designer/Interior Decorator: Aesthetic State


Doors: Encore Building Products


Drapes/Fabrics: Tilt Smart Home


Flooring: Wood Floor Finishers


Granite/Marble/Tile: Verona Marble


Painting: Josh Worley Painting

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