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New season marks the return of live theater to Downtown Rogers


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Arkansas Public Theatre’s 2021 season is here! The performance lineup features everything from a small Texas town with a big vice to an alternate political universe to heartfelt stories of family, truth and identity, and more. Seating will be socially distanced and face masks are required, so come and enjoy a live performance at Arkansas Public Theatre in Downtown Rogers.

“The Lifespan of a Fact”

April 1-3

Jim is a newly graduated Harvard fact checker for a New York magazine. John is a talented writer with an essay about the suicide of a teenage boy. John’s essay could save the struggling magazine from collapse. When Jim is assigned to fact check John’s essay, they experience conflict over a comedic and gripping battle over fact versus truth. The play was written by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell, and is based on the book written by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal.


“The Waverly Gallery”

April 16-18, 22-25

This play by Kenneth Lonergan tells the story of a woman who has run an art gallery in Greenwich Village for many years. However, the management wants to replace her less-than-thriving gallery with a coffee shop. Always irascible but now increasingly erratic, Gladys is a cause of concern to her daughter, her son-in-law and her grandson, from whose point of view this poignant memory play is told. This performance is a wacky and heartrending look at the effect of senility on a family.


“Hillary and Clinton”

May 7-8, 13-16

This play by Lucas Hnath takes place in an alternate universe on a planet called Earth, which looks a lot like our Earth, but slightly different. Living on this alternate Earth is a woman named Hillary. She is trying to become the president of a country called the United States of America. It’s 2008 and she is campaigning in a state called New Hampshire. She needs more funds to keep the campaign going; so, she calls her husband for help but ends up getting more than she bargained for. You may think you know where this story is going – but you don’t. After all, the play takes place in an alternate universe where anything can happen!


“Straight White Men”

June 18-19, 24-27

When Ed and his three adult sons come together to celebrate Christmas, they enjoy playful trash-talking, cheerful pranks and Chinese takeout. Then they confront a problem that even being a happy family can’t solve: When identity matters and privilege is problematic, what is the value of being a straight white man? Written by Young Jean Lee, this play features modern themes of family and identity.


“The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”

July 23-25, 29 and August 1, 5-8

Based on the book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson, this is a happy-go-lucky story of small-town vice and statewide political sidestepping. The play recounts both good times and the demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the 1850s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas. Governors, senators, mayors and even college football teams frequent Miss Mona’s cozy bordello, until a Watchdog focuses his television cameras and righteous indignation on the institution.


Arkansas Public Theatre provides live theater experiences for audiences, performers and students, enhancing the Rogers Historic District and creating a regional destination. To purchase tickets and learn more, visit


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