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Text and photos courtesy of the Momentary

The Momentary Unveils Rich, Multisensory Experience Enduring Amazon

On Nov. 18, the Momentary will launch an emotionally charged exhibition experience, Enduring Amazon: Life and Afterlife in the Rainforest. A rich immersion in light, sound and imagery, the exhibition will explore the drama, allure and delicate balance of life in the Amazon rainforest.

The campus-wide experience will be anchored by Broken Spectre, a groundbreaking ultra-high-definition film from humanitarian and environmental photographer Richard Mosse. In addition to Broken Spectre, the visually gripping experience will include a sweeping selection of the artist’s large-scale, technicolor aerial photographs alongside an ultraviolet micro-photographic exploration of the insects and plants that live on the forest floor beneath the lush canopy above.  

Richard Mosse.jpeg

Richard Mosse

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 8.15.19 PM.jpg

Photo courtesy the artist and Collection of Pamela and Richard Kramlich

In other spaces within the Momentary, David Brooks’ sculptural installation Lonely Loricariidae will highlight the evolutionary splendor and breathtaking resilience of life in the Amazon, together with the interdependent yet sometimes contradictory relationship between science and commerce. Featuring newly discovered examples of armored catfish — still undescribed and unclassified by science — the installation’s strangely beautiful creatures are important indexes of the health and intricate complexity of what endures in the forest.

Also included in Enduring Amazon are works by renowned artist duo Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris, who will debut a newly commissioned multi-channel video animation that explores the butterflies of the rainforest, including the exquisite Amazon-native blue morpho. Outside in the Momentary’s courtyard, the artists will project their 2014 work Eclipse, drawing parallels between the Amazon’s current wave of extinction and the loss of the North American Passenger Pigeon — a species that once lived in such abundance that they could blacken the region’s sky during their annual migration.

David Brooks.jpg
SI-Lor-Cochliodon_Hypostomus-COL17-com (2).jpg

David Brooks

Photos courtesy of
Nathan K. Lujan, Ph.D

Susannah Sayler.jpg

Accompanying the entire exhibition will be a series of interrelated sound and musical compositions by Ben Frost, known for both his electronic music performances and his film soundtracks.


Enduring Amazon will be on view at the Momentary from Nov. 18 through April 14, 2024. A catalog, which documents the making of Mosse’s Broken Spectre as well as a vinyl record and a special-edition Lonely Loricariidae shirt, will be available for purchase at the newly redesigned gift shop. 

Edward Morris,.jpg

For more information, visit

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Susannah Sayler

Edward Morris

Ben Frost


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